Friday, June 15, 2012

Violin Week 1 - Names and Pictures

Well since none have come forward with good names for my trusty violin, I have decided to name him Jennings.  It is a middle name long passed down to the males in my family and makes me think of butlers.  So!!  Since my old Giovan paolo Maggini (1642) is quite an old chap and, while much worn and abused in his life, still makes quite a smooth sound and faithfully does whatever I tell him to (whether I want that or not), I think it is fitting.  Yes no?

Here is a picture of Jennings and I in our usual pose.

Note that, despite his age, he trustily rests upon my fancy shoulder rest that I masterfully crafted while I look for an affordable KUN replacement.  You might also note my complete look of intimidation and fear when I gaze at the fingerboard I am expected to use to make discernible sounds, AKA notes.  The violinists will also note my atrocious hold on the bow.  So sorry, Jennings.

Let me try again.

There see?  Quite lovely.  In fact I am pretty sure that this face is entirely accurate to how I look when concentrating on the bow hold.  I am surprised my teacher has not even once snickered at my most determined expressions.

Alright there you are.  That big black blob in the background is my Kawai piano that I love very much. She is my only hope in tuning Jennings at the moment, though she, herself, is a bit out of tune due to all the weather changes going on.  Suppose I shall just have to dig in my wallet and fix that pretty soon... or try to use the tuner on one of my metronomes... Where's an oboist when I need one?

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