Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Violin - Week 3

Oooooooops.  I forgot to post yesterday D:  Forgive please!!   I have been a busy bee!

Ok so here we go.  I feel like I am KINDA getting in the swing of things.  But then something else pops up and throws me off again.  Thankfully, yesterday's lesson was of the "Good job keep doing that a couple more days!"  It is letting me have some time to sink everything into my brain.

I need to remember that when I am teaching people, because sometimes I get just as excited and just load things on students and forget that they are learning and need time to review and PRACTICE.  Duh.

Lesson learned.  I am going to record Lightly Row tomorrow for everyone's pleasure.  I know you are extremely thrilled.

Edit:  This is the stupidest written post on the face of the planet.  I think I was tired.  And I'm even more tired today.  Bedtime.

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