Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Violin Week 1 - Lesson 2

WHEW!  Well my shoulder recovered this morning and then I put it through another hour long lesson.


My teacher also told me today that if I keep going at the rate I am going already I could probably go for a local (for fun sort of) orchestra in a year or so.  I basically stared at her in blatant disbelief.

I am still using only the A and the E string and only fingers 1, 2 and 3 on the left hand.  I am not sure my progress will be as quick when I start having to move my hand around on the fingerboard and wrangle the stupid bow all the same time.

Still trying to throttle (as-of-yet unnamed violin).  My thumb was turning purple and might have progressed to other colors if the pieces I were playing were any longer than about 30 seconds.

Next goal:  Figure out how to make my right wrist and fingers do some sort of bizarre wriggly move when I try to play legato so it doesn't sound like I'm killing tiny, noisy insects between each note.

This goal seems a bit more unattainable than the last.

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