Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jennings' New Friend

Well!! I have decided that the Dallas Community College organization is full of poo!  But I am still going to study violin, of course.  It is getting fun now!

Sadly my old bow (teacher claims it is a sorry excuse for one but I was kinda fond of it) decided it wanted to come out of the closet.  That's right.  He is no longer straight.  While I absolutely support this turn in his life, it means that I cannot use him anymore to play Jennings.  :(  I hope out there, there is some crooked violin that could really use a good life partner.  But Jennings will have to move on.  I took him to the violin store and (on recommendation from my teacher) requested their straightest carbon fiber bow, as Jennings just does not "swing that way".  We went through 3 or 4 J T Jete CF violin bows before we found the most amazing (straightest) match!  She and Jennings just go so well together, even if their colors don't exactly match.  You will see in the VIDEO I am going to post today.  ... er... oh I guess I will do that right now.  Ok here I am playing May Song... also I forgot to put up my recording of O Come, Little Children.  That first.

Ok and now here is May Song.  Oh how I wish it was not the worst recording ever.  :P  Oh well that is what this is all about.

.... The End!

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